Modern Nursery Decor

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Cat’s out the bag, JAC has a baby girl designer on the way! So naturally we are in tuned to what’s happening in the current baby design world. Nurseries have become a total statement and extension of personal style in the home. This environment is created to inspire, comfort and subliminally mold your child towards your aesthetic, let's be honest.  The child has zero opinion in the matter, but we know what's best for them and we can't allow them to be surround by anything other than the cutest trends in nursery decor. Here's a compilation of some of our favorite nursery decor trends of 2017 for all you moms to be out there. 

Large scale florals are a huge trend for little girls. The pretty blush floret accent wall is everywhere, whether its with a strong wallpaper, a cool 3D art piece or in bedding. Florals can be sweet and soft or bold and brave and we are just loving how perfectly feminine and timeless they can be.

We have also been seeing a resurgence in vintage whimsy nursery decor. Think Thumbelina, Bambi or the Velveteen Rabbit. Fairy dusted woodland creatures dancing on the walls, soft stuffed bunny rabbits, twinkly swan mobiles, mounted stuffed unicorn heads and deer printed blankies really let the imagination run wild. Its soft and sweet and we love how it can go light and subtle or dark and mysterious. 

JAC is a huge fan of whimsy wallpaper. Here we installed this fluttery fun paper in a very special little girls' room in Santa Monica. To see more of our work, click here

Mountains are all the rage in boys nursery designs. Its bold, strong and adventurous without depending on an action figure or Disney characters to convey it. Typically in a black, grey and blue color way which always works in a masculine space, mountains are a boys kind of fun whimsy and we love the versatility and appropriateness as the child grows. Not exclusively for the boys, pops of pink, yellow or green can make this a little less harsh and more gender versatile, for all those little Wonder Women out there. 

Green is the accent color du jour it seems. Bold emerald dressers, cribs, chairs and curtains are modern take on the typical blue or pink nursery. Plants and cacti are also a fun way to accent a modern nursery in this green trend. Tropical palm printed wallpaper can be too bold for some but add just a hint of the trend with a cactus mobile or pillow and the space is very SoCal and fabulously gender neutral. 

On that note, some people don't care to throw gender specific themes at their children right out of the womb, or they are leaving the gender as a surprise for themselves till the bitter end. Either way they don't want to delay on designing the nursery. Modern neutral nurseries are still super creative, cozy, kid friendly spaces without pigeonholing anyone. Try a simple black and white color scheme or keep the walls white and add art and toys, pillows and rugs with great textures that are neutral in color. Darker rich colors like navy, orange and red work across the board too, good news is we aren't relying on easter yellow anymore, thank goodness.    

One last nursery trend that makes a lot of sense for all of you that feel a bit space deprived, is the nursery that doesn't look like a nursery. Tiny babies have three concerns, safety, sleep and meal time. Complementary color palettes and appropriately mixing patterns won't hit their radar until atleast a year or two ;). Reflecting your simple sophisticated practical style on the baby room is fine, especially when you plan to use this room as a duel office or guest room. 




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Watch out kids, there is a new bulb in town! JAC has its finger on the pulse of design trends and our sources and guts tell us that the newest trend in dining, bathroom, bedroom WHATEVER room lighting design, is the bubble chandelier. 

This cluster of bubble bulbs gives us some serious retro vibes but can translate from laid back to modern glam to total whimsy.

Amber tinted glass bulbs help soften it a bit, keeps your space a little warmer but maintains its dramatic appeal.

Frosted perfect circles are clean, modern and drop dead sexy.

We are also loving these seemingly handblown glass bubbles, in various sizes, all piled high in some sort of chic grape like cluster. Serious texture that looks super luxe! 

Spread them horizontally or in a halo to perfectly compliment your dining table.

Bubble chandelier in the bath! Makes sense right. So fabulous propped above the soaker tub or hidden high in the rafters. We love how its subtle but fun and add loads of texture and clean light. 

Here JAC did something similar in one of our desert projects. That drippy bubble piece was quite a project to instal, but totally worth it! For more of JAC's work, click here.

Umm, Hello little bubble sconce. Love the mini version of this trend!

What's Trending in Plants- Indoor Greenery

JAC strongly believes no space is complete without a gorgeous green houseplant, and while we’ve all seen the rise of succulents and the fiddle leaf fig in recent years, there are even cooler plants out there that offer a bit of a twist on your usual greenery. Below is a new take on the omnipresent fiddle fig tree which should help get our minds right in preparation for spring.

Chinese Money Plant: This little guy is ideal for a desk, kitchen counter or window sill. It’s easy to grow and those round leaves will create a cool look in any spot. 

Philodendron Plant: This Jurassic Park inspired plant features huge leaves and stems reaching in every direction, creating a dynamic look for a living space or an empty corner. 

Spider Plant: Appropriately named, this spiky friend is low maintenance and adds a little edge to any shelf he sits on. It's great because it can grow up out and round or drop down and hang its tendrils for some really great profiles. 

Palm Leaf Plants: All things beachy and island-inspired feels just right for the spring time, especially right now as we’re dreaming of this June gloom to pass. The Kentia palm is especially tall, airy and fabulous. It is modern, easy, breezy, greeny to the max.

Snake Plant: The snake plant has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. It’s a great plant for small spaces because of their vertical leaves, which we will mention are fun and splattered with different greenish hues. Also very easy to care for and are good in low lit corners.  

Tall Cacti: For all you brown thumbs out there, look no further, this guy is for you.  A standard tall cacti plant looks timeless and chic in any living space, but beware kiddos and puppies, they bite.

Jade Plant: An oldie but a goodie, this succulent-esque girl is great for indoor and outdoor spaces. Very low maintenance and damn near immortal. Great for a potted pop of green in the bathroom or kitchen. 

Kid's Room Wallpaper Ideas

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Its no surprise that JAC has a crush on wallpaper, but did you also know we feel the same way about designing kids rooms? Creating an inspiring space for little minds is not only a treat, its a privilege. There are few boundries to where our creativity will take us and we love to amplify this with wall coverings. 

There are a few JAC inspired routes you can take when picking a wallpaper for your child's room. If you are more mild mannered, opt for a subtle small scale print that is age neutral. Steer clear of anything too trendy, too bold or too character driven. But this doesn't mean boring, think more sophisticated whimsy. This will save you time and money in the future while giving you the flexibility to add color and personality through accessories and art for those ever changing little opinions. 

Another way to attack this mega design decision is to harness this adventure, take the plunge and choose something really big and bold. Try on one wall to start and perhaps paint the others with an accent paint, which is impactful and no too busy, especially for a smaller space. Single mural walls are very cool and don't forget the ceiling, it can make a fun statement when wallpapered too. If you stick to one accent wall, in 5 years when little Sammy is over jungle animals, you only have one wall to strip and repurpose. When going bold with the walls, keep the furniture and bedding simple and neutral but add pops of corresponding color with toys, books, pillows, rugs and seating.

JAC is a big fan of this bird on a branch pattern. See how we used it in another color way below.

One of JACs favorite little girls room projects that really let us harness the power of Tiffany's blue. For a closer look at more of our kids room designs, click here

Another way to approach this wallpaper game is to think in simple patterns and geometrics. Simple formations in bold colors and in large or small repeating patterns are modern, very cool, can carry a child into mini adulthood with ease. It can also be gender neutral for future room swapping and also eases the worry of the resale factor.  

Bathroom Lighting Trends

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When it comes to proper indoor lighting, no place is more important to showcase some modern glowing style, than in the bathroom. For most, its the first place you take personal inventory in the morning and the last place you evaluate how hard the day hit you at night. So why not make sure you're getting the most out of the view. This room's style and attitude comes with the sconces, pendants and chandeliers you strategically place around your vanity and bathing areas. After the tile, floors, faucets and vanities are all perfectly picked, lighting helps tie it all together and create a cohesive design that represents your style as a whole. 

One option for bathroom lighting is classic mirror sconce combo. Bathroom sconces can be installed on top of the mirror, flank either side of it or can even be custom built into the vanity mirrors. The light should bounce nicely off the mirror and onto your blushing face, showcasing your every nook a cranny, so you can cover them all up properly. The quantity and projection of the sconce depends on the size and shape of the fixture itself compared to the mirror as well as the number of sinks and overall space allotted. Sconces should be a beautiful architectural accent as well as provide light, so scale is really important here.  

Here we down played the sconce to let this massive custom vanity be the star. The modern shape and pretty structured shade fit perfectly into this desert families modern eclectic aesthetic. 

This custom vanity mirror we installed allowed for these pretty globe sconces to be mounted in it and the two flank the prep area nicely without being distracting.

Another option is a delicate hanging pendant on either side of the mirror. This provides light at the same level as the wall mounted sconce would but draws the eye up, which creates heightened visual inserts in both senses of the word. We are seeing this more and more and is a great alternative modern take on bathroom lighting. 

A grand way to provide light in the lou is with definitely with a chandelier. Really anywhere you hang a chandelier is going to read grand, so why not rock it in your little at home spa sanctuary. Shine a spotlight on that $8,000 custom bathtub dammit, it deserves it. 

This bathroom was just screaming for a chandelier to float over that amazing tub centered so beautifully in this epic Desert Master Bathroom. It really was the cherry on top of this over the top opulent master suite. For a closer look at some of our other projects, click here

5 Design Tips to Elevate Your Master

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Feeling like your bedroom reads more after thought than stand out sanctuary? Listen up, here are a few JAC approved methods to add instant luxe to your space without breaking the bank. 

Start with the walls. Master bedrooms are a great place to throw an accent wall and wallpaper is the best, most fun way to achieve this. Try a great texture like a grasscloth or silk, a high powered pattern like giant florals or a more subtle smaller geometric pattern that lets your bed really pop.

Here we used a metallic grasscloth to add texture and subtle luxury to this neutral modern master.

Never underestimate the power of a headboard. What better to showcase your style and design personality then with a totally unique headboard. Make it as tall to as long as you see fit. Keep it natural but totally custom with a reclaimed wood slab or perfectly polished with an soft upholstered piece. 

Lighting is your friend. Set the mood with some ample sized table lamps or architectural sconces for a soft glow. Hang a show stopping fixture above the bed to draw the eye up. This will add layers and attitude from which you can build off of throughout the rest of the room.

Amp up the bedding. Layers of textiles equals luxury and comfort. Start with new high end sheets and top with a decadent down filled duvet. Pile that with luscious throw blankets and rows of pillows. Think in textures, shapes, patterns and colors, keeping within your desired color palette. The rule of the pillow game, so you don’t spend half your life dressing and undressing your bed, is keep it to three rows. First being the largest euros, the second a smaller pair of throws and then finish with a fab lumbar or a funky patterned accent cushion. 

Create a proper seating area. Allow this special space to be more then just a sleep zone. A comfy chair in the corner with a reading lamp and side table will serve as a proper adult time out space. A space saving builtin window seat is always inviting, or even just a a pair of chairs in front of a window is quit proper. If you don’t have the space to spare, a bench or pair of benches at the end of the bed adds a level of interest and sophisticated style. If you do have the space, create a whole separate conversational area with a soft, low profile sofa, two chunky arm chairs and a dainty coffee table for you and you family to cuddle around.

JAC basically hits all the points here in one of our desert homes. For a closer look at more of our work, click here

Modern Eclectic Dining

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Contact us today and let us help you create your dream home !

The dining room is often a struggle for people when designing their homes. Formal dining rooms, if you are lucky enough to have the designated space, is tricky to make comfortable, flow with the rest of your home, and also be full of style. That's a tall order for anyone so here are a few of our favorite trends that should help you to harness something fab.

Spice up your dining and showcase your style with a pop of color. Let your chairs be as bright or as muted as you feel comfortable, but never neglect the power of a happy, bright chair. As we have discussed in the past, mis matched chairs are fun, eclectic and totally JAC approved. Mix modern and vintage, metal with wood and varying shapes, sizes and angles to create a totally funky, modern and carefree space. This is not for the faint of heart, but if the rest of your home has this vibe, then why not continue it into your family dining space. 

Our Hollywood Hills project is modern eclectic to the max with these colorful Eames dining chairs

Our Hollywood Hills project is modern eclectic to the max with these colorful Eames dining chairs

Lighting is an integral part of the dining room. Top your table with a proper fixture, making sure that in its totality, whether its one solid piece, or a cluster of fixtures, spans at least 2/3 of your table. Nothing worse than a teeny chandelier to highlight your fabulous Friday night dinner parties. The bigger the better, but the style, material and finish is up to you. Again, eclectic and funky has no rules, just go with your gut and pick what speaks to you. But please, carve out enough space in your budget for something special. This piece will be a focal point, set the stage for the rest of the design and since most of your gatherings happen in the evening, should lend enough controlled glow to properly and seductively highlight your guests and the gorgeous meal and tablescape.

Here we opted for the double fabulous chandelier to showcase this excellent desert dining space. 

Here we opted for the double fabulous chandelier to showcase this excellent desert dining space. 

The dining room is the absolute PERFECT place for art and wallpaper. Talk about setting a theme and making an impact! Larger scale wallpaper prints are modern and bold, textured grasscloths and suedes are luxurious and subtle. A fabulous piece of art has the same effect, but is more consolidated and is a totally open, rad expression of your personality. 

You know JAC cant resist a good wallpaper. Check out this Kelly Wearstler! What a statement! For a closer look at our other projects, click here

You know JAC cant resist a good wallpaper. Check out this Kelly Wearstler! What a statement! For a closer look at our other projects, click here

To rug, or not to rug,  it's really a personal preference. People may opt out of a rug under the dining table with fear that their kids or guest will ruin it with spillage. It also is a bit more clean and minimal to go with a bare floor, if thats your style. Some homes have smaller dining spaces that are shared with the living room so there's really no room for a proper rug. With spacing in mind, the dining rug should be large enough to ground the whole table and all the chairs, when they are pulled out, otherwise you'll find yourself getting chair legs caught, or creating an uneven surface and therefor you have a wobbly chair situation, not to mention the purpose of the rug is to define the space and if its reading dinky, you loose all your modern cool points you've worked so hard for!

This overdyed turquoise rug is the embodiment of how powerful a dining rug can be. Its pulling the whole beachy vibe together seamlessly in our Laguna beach project. 

This overdyed turquoise rug is the embodiment of how powerful a dining rug can be. Its pulling the whole beachy vibe together seamlessly in our Laguna beach project. 

Hygge-Cozy Danish Design Trends

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.45.35 AM.png

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Do we dare say this LA winter has been brutal! Thankful to be out of the drought but sooooo ready for Spring. I know you East Coasters are rolling your eyes right now, but come on, we’re not equipped for this type of weather. 

One benefit to being total shut ins this past season is our new found familiarity wth the age old Danish decor ideal, known as Hygge. Pronounced “hoo-guh” the Danish word is defined as a quality of cosiness and comfort that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. Associated with relaxation, indulgence and gratitude, putting emphasis on textures, layers, pleasant smells, warmth and soothing natural color palettes. If you are feeling the chill like we are, here are a few tips on how to add a bit more Hygge to your home.

Add layers of soft, supple accessories to your bedroom and living spaces. Time to break out your grandma's handmade wool throws, those oversized down pillows, thick flannel sheets, anything cashmere and faux fur rugs. You want every surface to be inviting and plush with soft textures.

Soft lighting is key. Dim your overhead lights or turn them off completely, light and scatter pretty candles and build a fire. Nothing says cozy like the flicker, crackle and warmth from an open flame.

Here's how JAC pulled off a little of our own Hygge action in one of our Marina Del Rey homes. If that lounge by the fireplace with that fur rug don't invite some relaxation, then I don't know what does. For a closer look at more of our work, click here

Think in soft neutral tones. Creamy whites and light greys, blushes and beige. Keep the colors mellow and your mood will follow. 

Grab your favorite ugly slippers, a cup a tea, a good book and your dog to snuggle, because you have hit optimal cozy status. 

Styling Your Entry: Winning Combinations

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Contact us today and let us help you design your perfect entry space!

Ok, so we’ve covered in past posts how to style entry consoles, the impact of art in the entry as well as lighting, but lets talk a second about some fabulous and functional furniture and accessory combinations when envisioning your entry. Basically, what you need, need, need and what works best with what. A properly styled entry way needs to have the following elements in order to maintain organization, balance and overall, look really pretty! Aesthetic over function people!

Rugs! An entry has to have a rug. Not only is it pretty, cozy, adds color, texture and pattern, it defines the space and is the last place for your family and guests to wipe their dirty little feet before entering your space. From there you can have a little designated area for shoes or not, but atleast you provide one final wipe down before entering your nice clean home.

Lighting! An entry has to have lighting. I don’t care if its overhead via a fabulous chandelier or a descreet pendant or flush mount, on the wall as a pair of sconces, a rockin’ floor lamp or a pretty table lamp, the entry needs proper lighting. There’s nothing inviting about a dark hole of a foyer, so let’s not let that be your homes first impression.

Storage! What do you do when you first walk into your home?? You start undressing and unloading. Some people have the luxury of an entry closet, but even then, “stuff” always accumulates on the floor by the front door. Provide proper hooks for things you use several times a day, like coats, hats, bags and dog leashes, a surface for keys and mail, baskets or bins for shoes, gloves, umbrellas. If every item has its own home, you can organize the chaos and maintain that pretty everyone is after. 

Console vs. Bench, the great debate. This is really a personal preference. We love both scenarios, its really just up to what your family needs most on the daily. For larger families, a bench is nice because kids can jump right on and get ready for outside. A console is great because it can provide storage with drawers and shelves but is ultimately provides a proper unlading zone. With some consoles you have the option to slide an ottoman or bench under it, but it may not be as convienient for a household with multiple children. So really it's your call, but there needs to be something of that nature in the entry.

This console, in one of our desert projects, was STUNNING in person. What an impact, and look...Proper lighting and a rad piece of art. Who wouldn't want to come home to that??? For a closer look at this project, click here

This console, in one of our desert projects, was STUNNING in person. What an impact, and look...Proper lighting and a rad piece of art. Who wouldn't want to come home to that??? For a closer look at this project, click here

Art vs. Mirror, the second great debate. When designing an entry, I’m torn here. I love the idea of a mirror because its the last pitstop to check out your do before heading out into the world, but I also love a great art piece right when you first walk in. Makes a huge statement and lets your guests know, this chick knows what's up and she’s got badass style.  So again, it really boils down to personal preference, but if you have the space, then by all means, do both!

Here we highlighted the entry space with this awesome Moroccan shaped mirror, which does wonders to bring brightness, style and function into this space.

Here we highlighted the entry space with this awesome Moroccan shaped mirror, which does wonders to bring brightness, style and function into this space.

Lastly, Plants! The entry is a great place to have a pretty little planter and a cool sculptural pop of green life. Plants, flowers and trees fill and balance space, adds height, color and movement and really makes it feel homey and alive. JAC is always in favor of plants!

What's Hot: Interior Design Trends Spring 2017

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Spring is creeping in and we need to be ready! With this glorious season we innately feel motivated towards change. Whether this means investing in those long awaited upgrades, simple furniture and lighting refreshers, or a total style re-haul, we are in constant pursuit of the perfectly cool, modern, functional home. Below is our 2017 interior style forecast, to give you a jump start on the whole game.

Open and airy places has been on the radar for quite some time. But let’s take this brightness to the next level with an emphasis on sunset hues. Bright, poppy, warm tones bring instant spring sunshine into your home this season.

Exposed bulb chandeliers and sconces are absolutely on trend, and you can’t enter a store or open a magazine without seeing one. However, branch out a bit with globe lighting. Larger frosted glass orbs in various shapes, sizes and configurations with different metal finishes are totally modern, fun and fabulous.

Green ,Green, Green, bring on the green! Real plants, faux plants, fern wallpaper, palm tree art, green velvet sofas, green cabinets, we love it all. The more saturated the better and we are happy to liven up our homes with this natural happy earth tone.

You all know how much JAC loves a rad piece of art, and now that the online market is flooded with seriously great prints at totally affordable prices, there is no excuse to leave your walls blank.

That being said, there is also a bit of a shift from art to mirrors to fill your empty walls in 2017. Really its mirrors acting as art on their own. Check out these different finishes, frames, colors, shapes and textures and how they can help really add a great modern element to every space.

Last and absolutely not least, the accent chair. Gosh Darn it we love an accent chair! Think of this guy as an ultra special pop of color, pattern, texture, sculptural art in perhaps an otherwise predictable space. Its low commitment, high impact and fiercely functional.

How's that for an accent chair! This beauty added some serious personality to our Pacific Palisades project. For a closer look at some of our other work, click here

How's that for an accent chair! This beauty added some serious personality to our Pacific Palisades project. For a closer look at some of our other work, click here