Small Space, Big Style/Designing Small Spaces

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When it comes to city living, wherever in the world you are, space is always an issue. You may often feel smushed, suffocated, cramped, claustrophobic, basically all adjectives that describe living in a 900 square foot apartment and right on top of your neighbor. But suffer no more! You can have great style, compacted in little chill zones throughout your mini home.

Storage is everything! In a small space you need to be mindful of every square inch you have. Utilize under the bed or dresser as viable storage options, whether in sleek bins or builtin drawers. Tuck things away when not in use. Think vertically as well as horizontally. Make use of every inch of wall space you have with sleek shelving, keeping in mind balance while avoiding too much clutter. That being said, you bring something in, you take something out. How badly do you really need that mini wool mounted dog head? If your like us, A LOT, so trade out with something you’ve fallen out of love with. Keep everything clean and organized and you should never feel suffocated.

Define spaces with area rugs, art and lighting. Yeah, your bedroom and living room are technically the same room, but switch the floor covering and the mind separates the two. Similarly a black and white art theme in the “bedroom” and a cluster of neon abstracts in the “living room" creates different vibes and therefor separates the spaces. A low glow on your little night stand or hanging above your bed highlights the sleep zone, while the modern floor lamp showcasing your sofa brings you into the living space and feeds you a completely different vibe. 

Angelenos have the added bonus of having outside living as an option year round. USE IT, even if you have a 3’x7’ balcony or patch of grass, make it another chill spot to read, have a meal, scroll through social media or drink your morning coffee. Define the space with a small area rug, provide some simple seating, either with poufs, a little bench with cushions or a folding chair. Provide at least one small tabletop of some sort, candles or twinklie lights for ambiance, throw pillows to make it look like you care and plants for a little life and color and you have a proper getaway from your weirdo roommate or spouse.