Modern Chic Halloween Decor

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October 31st is right around the corner, however for all you Halloween freaks like us, technically the whole month of October is free game for ghoulish holiday decor. Holidays are a fun time to express your style in a playful theme driven way, but there are right and oh-so-uyuymwrong ways to display this playful side. Keeping it modern, stylish and JAC approved is easy if you follow a few key rules.

Limit the color palette to organic hues found in nature, maybe none found in LA in October, but ya know, other places in the country that have changing seasons. Think straw, brown, burgundy, black, white and pops of orange and metallic. Punchy colors like purple and slim green are fun for the kiddos but if you’re trying to keep it classy, steer clear, too kitchy.

With this being said also keep the accessories classic. Painted and carved pumpkins and gourds are always a good idea.  More classic and chic design ideas to decorate with are skeletons, white sheeted ghosts, black crows, spiders and bats, dried flowers and branches, metallic painted skulls; all understated and Halloweeny without being TOO creepy. Happy Halloween!

Keeping it simple and playful won’t get in the way of every day and can create a livable holiday space that you can stomach for the entire month of Halloween, I mean October.