Modern Holiday Decor Ideas

Its official! We are cruising into holiday season at full force and although you may not be ready, let's embrace it the best we can. And when we say embrace, we mean deck you home inside and out with some fabulous holiday decor. It’s a really exciting time of the year and let's celebrate it the best way we know how: creating gorgeous interiors to the envy of all your friends and neighbors!

Here are a few looks we think are beautiful, totally modern and fun that you can easily interpret in your own home Thanksgiving through New Years.

The fireplace mantle is the centerpiece of the living room and therefore a great space to display holiday decor. Liven this surface up with gorgeous green garlands, pretty candle sticks, twinkle lights and pops of color with cute statues and candles.

The dining table, another perfect place to display your holiday creations. When decorating around food try to keep it rather simple. Add a runway of luscious greenery, add candles for light and height, perhaps reuse those Halloween gourds for added shape and color or even clementines and blood oranges for a great pop of color. Source things from you back yard like branches, leaves and pinecones. No need to spend money, keep it natural, clean and therefore modern and chic.

Who doesn't like a champagne flute with a little sparkle? Cheers to that!

Simplicity is often best with holiday decor. Branches in vases, pinecone garland, simple wreaths say holiday without overruling your space. They bring the outside in and help to ease you into the holiday spirit. 

Don't forget about the tree! Feel free to go a little wild and eccentric. This is definitely a place to show your personality. This pink Christmas tree is California winter to a "T" and is a really fun twist on an otherwise ultra traditional obligatory holiday decoration. Interpret this as traditionally or artistically as your imagination can take it.