7 Tips to Brighten Your Home

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If ever since seasons have changed and night creeps in at 4:30, you feel the walls closing in on you, you’re not alone. Take the extra few hours of in home lock down as a chance to transform, lighten and brighten your space with a few easy tips.

First and probably most satisfying, is to paint. White walls are on trend and they have the ultimate power of lightening up your space by giving it a coat of fresh life. Paired with lighter furniture, slipcovers or lighter pillows, throws and bedding, you have just lifted a load off your shoulders.


Open your windows! Remove your dirt, dust and bug collecting screens and let your home breath. Rearrange your space so that there are no large plants or furniture blocking these windows. Let the light in and your space will appear larger and brighter.

Check out how these open windows, white walls, white leather bed frame and crisp bedding make this bedroom feel light, airy, fresh and clean! To see more of JAC's work, click here

Again focusing on the power of open windows, avoid dark, heavy, bulky drapery. Opt for light linens or sheers that billow in the breeze and filter the light ever so slightly. Explore going commando and leaving windows treatment free, to really open the room.

Choose low profile furniture. Lower chairs, tables, consoles and a slouchy sofa make a space seemingly more spacious by freeing up the eye's interpretation of the floor to ceiling ratio, without lifting the ceiling.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 2.59.51 PM.png

Add mirrors! Mirrors create the illusion of more space as well as reflect light into the room, a real win win.

Add plants, and not just succulents, but real floppy green plants, tall indoor trees or drippy vines. Plant life is essential to brightening your space and adds a great pop of color and structure as well.

If you are feeling really ambitious, then go all out and start reconstruction. Take down non weight baring walls, add windows, widen door ways or instal glass doors. These are all ways to open a space without having to add square footage.