Marble Marble Everywhere/Modern Home Accents

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Marble accents in the home are popping up all over this season. You may not be in the market for an entire slab at the moment and we’re not talking wall to wall marble entries and marble pillars in the bathroom, but little more subtle accessories that will add a trendy spin on your home decor that won’t break the bank. Here are a few ways to marble-ize your home that are totally JAC approved. 

The chicest way to tell time, this awesome marble wall clock with pretty gold hands is totally on trend.

Marble accented lighting is a fun way to show your bright modern side.

This is very cool because It looks hard but is super soft, unexpected and totally modern.

Low commitment to this trend, these marble coasters are fab and fun.

Great for a center piece or to hold your fruit in a funky marble kind of way.

Black marble is also ultra modern and pretty, as seen in this accent table.

Here is a little marble top accent table in one of our desert projects that really stood out. For a closer look at our work, click here

Don't forget your plant friends, they love marble too.

Marble dinnerware, why not!