Patterns Please

So you just splurged on a fabulous leather sectional for your main living space or a custom tufted headboard for your master, and you want to dress it up with the familiar accoutrement: pillows, throws and area rugs, but you're having trouble translating your own brand of creative to this new space. Stripes, florals, leopard print, polka dots, zig zags, gingham, plaid, chevron, geometric, argyle, faux fur, wool, fringe, animal hide, the options seem endless and overwhelming. Mixing patterns and textures is sometimes a struggle. Here are a few simple design rules that will help to narrow your focus and create the room of your dreams. 

First start by narrowing your color palette. Find the side of the color wheel that speaks the strongest to you and go with it. If you're having a hard time, go into your closet and see which colors and patterns are most prevalent. Limit the colors of your patterns to three or four. Choose a main color, and two to three accent colors to sprinkle throughout the room.

Mind the scale. Too many large scale patterns are confusing for the eye, it doesn't know where to focus. Pick one large scale pattern, often with some movement, one simpler medium sized and one smaller more intricate pattern. 

Limit your patterns. Pick two or three you really love and use solids in like colors to accent. You should narrow it to two or three patterns on your sofa or bed, three to five in the whole room. Make sure to add textures too, which adds depth without competing for attention.