Modern Eclectic Bohemian

You can’t go anywhere in LA and not get a little taste of Modern Eclectic Boho, lets be honest. The casual bohemian vibe has really taken the California interior design game into a whole other vintage layered direction. Its effortlessly rustic meets, well traveled meets, cozy, clean, casual and totally organic. 

If you’re into this vibe, here are a few tips to add instant BoHo flavor to your space. It usually starts with some mellow version of white walls. This is very important because all the added color and texture that Eclectic Boho requires can’t compete with a busy wall. One or the other, you can’t have it all with this design or you loose your concentration.

Continue the look by layering your area rugs. We love a natural fiber rug like a jute or sisal topped with a cow hide, a vintage Persian or a Moroccan shag. The more color, texture and pattern the better! That gorgeous rattan or leather arm chair or ottoman that’s a little too broken in, effortlessly drape an Icelandic sheepskin over it and you’ve got ten more years out of it and layers of boho style.

Feel free to mix metals and woods without over thinking it. Remember, If you think its cool and unique, other people will too. Embrace your free spiritedness and your space will reflect. Add pretty poufs, mid-century rustic flea market furniture, a great chandelier, some sort of tie dye, macrame or indigo accents, add LOTS of plants and you got yourself a rad, totally “effortlessly” Eclectic Boho space.