Living Room Inspiration|Living Room Design Tips


Arranging and decorating your living room can be challenging because of all the different factors that come into play. Whether you're struggling with the size of the room, what type of furniture you want to use, or of course, trying to create that infamous inviting vibe you want your guests to feel as soon as they enter your home. Some quick and easy tips we like to stick to when decorating and organizing are, creating a functional space throughout the room, whether that means using a stool that doubles as a seat and a table, adding a focal point for more dimension and drama with a gallery wall or a large sectional.  One of the most important tips, taking advantage of storage opportunities to avoid clutter, especially if you're dealing with smaller corridors. Having balance is also important because you want to make sure you have plenty of seats if you're going for more of an entertaining set up, or keeping it comfortable if you plan on spending a lot of time in this space.

Add the finishing touches to your decor by choosing a conversational light fixture, for example if you're into the eclectic look, a gold sunburst chandelier works really well and adds texture and color, or, if you have a more modern taste, choose an arc lamp to create a statement while still being a useable and stylish piece.  Cowhides are also great because they add an extra element of style by still bringing all the furniture together. Contact us to start designing your dream space