Cactus Friends | Indoor House Plants, Accents & Trends

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We realize the cactus trend is not a new thing in interior design, especially for all our desert dwelling friends, but after years of killing countless house plants we are all about a little cactus action. Water once a month, that's something we can get a handle on. A living, spikey, sculpture that breathes light, life and good green vibes into your home...also into that. Totally perfect LA interior style!

Whether it's a little potted friend on the living room console, a large potted cactus next to your reading chair, a line up of cactus soldiers on your window sill, or- if you want to go the 2 dimensional route- cactus wallpaper, bed spreads, curtains, art, accessories or even a totally necessary teepee for your dog, were all about the cacti!

If you thought that dog was cute, check out our even cuter HBIC working her love of Cacti at one of our Palm Desert Homes!