Modern Mantle Styling Tips | Unique Fireplace Accent Ideas

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The mantle space is yet another great surface for your style to shine. Lots of people use it as a landing zone for their TV and all related electronics, but for those of you that have separated the two, here are a few great ways to curate a mantle like a JAC pro.

First, establish a focal point. The all around, never fail, mounted mirror is not only classic but beautifully functional by illusion, opening the space up tremendously, great little styling tip for all you little Santa Monica/Venice/Mar Vista Bungalow owners. 

Add layers and levels! The fireplace mantle is a great place for layering art, whether wall mounted or leaning and overlapping, asymmetrical or centered, its all good, even when paired with a mirror. If you have space, add stacks of pretty books, candle sticks, picture frames and other trinkets.

We know the fireplace is where we build fire, which in itself is a great source of light, but on those warm Southern California evenings, sometimes a blazing fire isn’t always ideal. Add cute little lamps or clusters of candle sticks and you got the right amount of soft light accent without the sweat and the smoke.

JAC Curated Mantle Style

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Plants! Dont forget plants. Let them grow tall and sculptural or let them hang beautifully low along the sides, adding texture, life and a much needed layer of green.