Mix and Match Dining Chairs/Eclectic Dining Style Tips

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Gone are the days where we have to chose one single style of chair to circle our dining tables. This new trend in home decor gives us the freedom to indulge our lust for chair polygamy. This adds mountains of visual interest and character to an otherwise boring dining space. Commitment to one chair is hard, especially when there are so many gorgeous options out there, so have fun indulging while following these few tips. 

Mix and match in pairs, to ensure cohesiveness. While doing this make sure to scatter the chairs so that no one style or color is next to each other. Make sure to equally distribute the weight around the table. If you like a lighter sleeker wooden or metal style, stick with that style and avoid bulkier upholstered chairs and vice versa. Be mindful of the chair heights as well. You want your eye to flow across the tops of the chair seamlessly, otherwise it can seem disjointed.

For all of you that love a little punch of color, there are a few ways to do this without it looking reckless. Stick with one unifying color and change up the design of the chair or find a palette that you love and use the same chair in varying shades in said palette. Or for a little taste of color, throw a fun colored end chair in the mix for a little pop of character.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 11.43.32 AM.png

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A classic more discrete dining chair trend, for a simple upgrade, is to have your two end head of the table chairs be a little different then the other side chairs. They often are a little more grand, taller, sometimes upholstered and have arms.