Entre This Way/Modern Entry Styling

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The entry space is a very important, often overlooked, component of your home. Its the first vignette your guests see when they enter your space and the last taste they savor as they leave. There are some really great styling approaches when tackling this otherwise mundane section of the home. Here are a few ways to create not only a gorgeous, but multifunctional entry space.

The almighty console is a great way to not only provide great storage but is also a vital landing zone for keys, mail, dog leashes and purses, as well as provides another surface to display vases filled with seasonal flowers, lamps, sculptures, art and pretty books.

Try a sleek, long, narrow, modern console with some empty space underneath to slide a pretty bench or two sweet stools. This creates levels as well as provides added seating for putting shoes on and off or another space to throw magazines, shoes and jackets.

A heavier, lower and more substantial console is a great covered storage option to hide all those shoes, scarves, hats, books and collectables that seem to always overflow from the closets. Shove them in here to make believe you have your life in order, problem solved!

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Atop your console we LOVE a mirror. Its a gorgeous modern way to reflect light, open the space, check your makeup and hair as well as create depth and dimension when propped behind layers of art, lamps, books and trays. If you are lucky enough to have a collection of beautiful art pieces, this is also a great place to hang something show stopping. 

If you aren’t in need of extra storage, lucky you, another entry styling option is a stand alone bench. Fill the wall space above with art or hang coat racks. Flank the bench with bins or baskets for shoes and umbrellas, modern planters and top the bench with a little pillow or blanket and you have got a sweet little landing zone fit for any modern stylish family.