Modern Outdoor Living | Patio Furniture Ideas & Inspiration

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Now that Summer is coming to the end, even though we do live in Southern California, our time to spend outside is soon becoming more and more limited as Fall approaches. Take the next couple weeks to enjoy the splendor that is outdoor living and do it in style with some of these great outdoor living situations.

Big, simple, square pieces are very on trend and if you have the space to rock it out, then by all means do it. If you like something a little lighter, we are also loving the flexible bungee back buckets chairs, or the metal geometric chairs for smaller spaces.  Use a rattan pouf for a table top or foot rest, add pops of color with pillows, area rugs and pretty potted plants to take your styling game to the next level.  


Dont forget to throw down some shade. Umbrellas, pergolas and sails are your skins best friend against the unforgiving California sun.

Fire pits are always a great idea for outdoor spaces. It creates a focal point, soft light and warmth but also is caveman entertainment at its finest, so you can focus on conversations with your family, not reality TV. If a fire pit is not in your outdoor vision, pretty lanterns, strings of little lights and hurricanes will lend some ambiance is a magical sort of way.