Andrea Putman


Andrea has been an interior designer for over 15 years, working in Los Angeles, Atlanta and London and has been featured on TV and in various design publications. She trained at the Otis School of Arts and Sciences and also has a masters in psychology.

Christine Thompson


Christine is a highly skilled designer and operational expert who trained at the Otis School of Arts and Sciences and has been in the interior design business for over a decade. She has successfully worked in marketing and communications.



Sonia Lettig

Senior Designer

Sonia is a graduate of the Interior Design Institute and has a Master's in Psychology from Pepperdine University. She has worked at celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Jon Brent Design.

Karla Garcia


Having launched a successful clothing line, Karla turned her eye for style to interior design and is now an accomplished designer and project manager.


Rammy Taing

CAD Engineer

Rammy graduated in Interior Design from The Rochester Institute of Technology and is skilled in computer aided design (CAD), providing JAC with excellent drafting and rendering.

Isla Schmidt

Design Specialist

Isla was an interior designer on Oahu, HI, where she ran her own design boutique. She joined JAC in 2013 and is an off-camera designer for HGTV. 



In the media