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Interior Design Beachy Color Vibes 2019

How can you make your home look and feel more beachy? Summer makes us all wish we had a little pad by the sea. But even if you live nowhere near the shore, you can still make your home feel like a breezy retreat and with summer interior design trend colors and textures. Like artwork, color is one of those design choices that always feels deeply personal—everyone has a favorite, and everyone has a different idea of how to present it in their homes. But if there’s one thing we can probably all agree on, even the most fierce color fans among us, it’s that every home needs at least a touch of neutral in its design. And among all the sunset-inspired coral and hibiscus shades is one they’re dubbing “the new neutral” for 2019: blush pink. Pops of coral and blush are anticipated to add a more feminine touch anywhere in your house or even to landscapes. Bright, vibrant colors are iconic on the coast. From pink Hawaiian sand to turquoise waters and palm leaf green, the inspiration is endless. Pick a statement area to go bold with color—front doors are big impact and an easy boost to your home’s curb appeal—or deck out the entire house. An all-white room by the beach is certainly blissful (it’s also known to promote a sense of calm and clarity). But too keep it from falling flat, vary your shades and textures. In this breezy living room, crisp white walls pair with whitewashed wood ceilings, a bleached natural-weave rug, and slick concrete coffee table. Accents of beige, wood, and greenery help to warm the space up. While all-white rooms are coastal crowd-pleasers, infusing shades inspired by the outside are equally as appealing. Jac knows blue and green always make a good pair because we’re used to seeing the colors of grass and sky together. They can be fresh and exuberant but still timeless. For a foolproof recipe, start with a standout pattern that incorporates the two hues and translate the solid shades elsewhere on furniture, rugs, or throw pillows. Neutrals, of course, have come a long way since the days of beige and greige. Today, colors like sage green and even navy are finding their way into neutral territory. And outdoors, where pinks pepper everything from sunsets to seashells, blush is as natural a neutral as any.

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