Hollywood Hills


We love going to Twentieth on Beverly in Hollywood. They have the most museum-like  showroom curated with the ultimate in high end modern furniture and lighting. They also highlight avant garde furniture designers and artists on a regular rotating basis. Super friendly staff that always makes our visits interesting, exhilarating and fun.

Whenever we can, we love popping by the tree lined Melrose Place to visit The Apartment Offline — a place to see a curated arrangement of almost everything you would find in a home  shown in an apartment set up. From fashion, home, beauty and art the best way to visit The Apartment is by making a personal appointment. They have personal shoppers to assist you in every aspect of daily living needs, from personal shoppers to in house taste makers.

Of course there are so many fantastic design shops dotted around the Melrose neighborhood, and one of our favorites is Lawson Fenning located on …., which is a true California brand. They have much to offer that is refreshing, always on point and one of a kind. LF has a superior collection of locally designed and custom made furnishings and accessories. They have done their research and found the hottest and most unique makers who sell nationally but are local to Southern California. Having that kind of local resonance makes for a fun and unique design experience from the moment you walk in the LF showroom, to making your selections with help from their knowledged staff all the way through until your purchase and install.

Much of their furniture is rooted in mid century design, but don’t let that fool you: it’s a very modern collection that reflects the raw California landscape- the water, the mountains and the desert- that translates into a freshness of feel and texture that is at once modern and timeless and vintage feeling, but not dated. I would recommend Lawson Fenning at any stage of the design process, from creation of the furniture plan to all the bits that make an interesting home come alive like lighting to art and accessories.

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